Cancer treatment

Given the original wetlands (Lakes and Paddy fields) of the Kollam-Trivandrum region, and the current deterioration that we see, and also given the seashore with Ilmenite deposits or Heavy Mineral Sand, there is a strong correlation between the high occurrence of cancer in this region and the environment degradation around.


HELP has led a consortium of NGOs to run awareness campaigns and cancer screening camps across an entire Panchayat, while also training the Accredited social health activists (ASHAs) workers attached to the Community Health Centre, in association with Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) Trivandrum.

Partnership with Patients

HELP brings Proximity of treatment to the patients by providing periodic checkups around the home regions as well as making medicines available at the doorstep. The key focus is on the Affordability of the patients. HELP also ensures that the Quality of life of the patient as well as the attender and the patients’ household is taken care of.

Partnership with Hospitals

HELP will have a team trained by doctors of RCC in the area of Palliative care, in making sure there is care given to the patients on a daily basis, by reaching out to their homes. HELP will also introduce homoeopathy and Ayurveda in select patients, for palliative care , and sometimes as an active treatment line during palliative care. This will be done in consultation with a team of oncologists who will work closely with RCC, and who are also actively into research in these areas.


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