Dialysis Support

DAYA (Dialysis Support) is a HELP Foundation initiative to ensure that no kidney patient will perish due to lack of funds for dialysis. HELP Foundation ran this initially based on a tie up with Ashtamudi Hospital and now we have extended our financial support to needy patients across all major hospitals on Kollam and a select few in Trivandrum District.


HELP has been running awareness campaigns on the need to move towards “need based dialysis” rather than “scheduled dialysis” which is the norm as of now.

Partnership with Patients

Free Dialysis is made possible by seeking willing sponsors, who can gift the cost of a dialysis to a patient.Part Payment Dialysis is made possible by contributing the materials like blood tubing, dialyser etc, so that the patient would have to pay lesser cost. Patients who can afford to pay this charge would be encouraged to do so.

Partnership with hospitals

HELP will setup the dialysis machines in Ashtamudi Hospital so that all that needs to be taken care is cost of labour and the consumable materials required. For this scheme we intend to get in touch with companies like Fresenius and Siemens etc so that we can request for their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility Funds). Ashtamudi Hospital can use the machines at the same time provide a higher number of free dialysis to HELP Foundation so that the most needy can be taken care of.


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