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HELP is primarily focused on conservation of the Wetlands such as Umayanallor Ela, Paravur Lake, Ithikkara River and Ashtamudi Lake. The net result over a 5 year period apart from protection and conserving the water bodies would include increased catch of fish and shrimp, availability of potable water in the surrounding wells etc. For this project which has very high costs involved in planting and nurture of the nurseries, monitoring of progress using technology etc. every contribution helps the cause.

  • Rs.25,000  Create Environment Awareness in 10 schools
  • Rs.50,000  Raising 10000 mangrove saplings in a nursery
  • Rs.1,00,000  Planting of 1000 mangroves on the lake shoreline
  • Rs.2,00,000 Set up a mangrove nursery


HELP has a scheme of supporting 50 patients as a group, with doctor appointment, subsidized food and medicines and nursing care as needed. The per patient cost per month comes to around Rs. 4000, and the annual budget is approx. INR 25,00,000.

  • Rs.20,000  Radiation treatment for a patient
  • Rs.40,000  Chemotherapy treatment for a patient
  • Rs.60,000  Holistic treatment course for 3 months for 6 patients
  • Rs.75,000 Sponsor a cancer screening camp

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One single Dialysis – Rs. 800/-
One month Sponsorship – Rs. 2,000/-
Sponsor one patient for four months – Rs. 8,000/-
Adopt a patient – Rs. 8,000/- x 12
Sponsor Medicine – Rs. 1,000/- or more
Sponsor a transplantation – Rs. 2,00,000/-

  • Rs.10,000  Support Dialysis of a patient for 1 month
  • Rs.20,000  Support Dialysis of a patient for 2month
  • Rs.40,000  Support Dialysis of a 2 patients for 2 months
  • Rs.60,000 Support Dialysis of a 2 patients for 3 months

All donations to HELP Foundations are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act which means that 50% of your donation amount will be eligible for tax exemption.